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Housing and Vocations

Inland, there is a communal house where any can stay. There is a dinner served at sundown for whoever attends, an open kitchen at all other times. Within, there is an easily discernable main entrance. Though there is a door in the main entrance, it is considered the Main Door by none. Without, there are three doors at the front facade (west).

Tamsin lives here for the most part. Dalziel prefers to keep away from the House. He keeps a room in one of the many coastal tenements. They tend to be very cramped, musty and dirty, so Tamsin requires that he return to the House when ill.

Most assume Dalziel stays in the tenements because their nature strikes his fancy (mostly because this is his frequent explanation for ludicrous decisions). The majority of fishermen, craftsmen, and lesser cooks live with him.

Coincidentally, Matthew also lives in and loves the tenements (though this may only be because it is easier to carry out suspect activities in the alleyways between them).

The House

At the House, administrative duties are carried out. Other activities include: schooling, raising children, upper cooks (the lesser cooks train in the tenement square), and medical care.

Administration involves dispatching cadres across the world, communicating with the other islands, and assigning schools.

'Schools' in this case relates to 'schools of fish'. You take an interview to determine what profession you would be qualified best for. You do not change schools, but as you improve you can graduate to better jobs within the same school.

Tenement Square

There is a large grouping of buildings with various rooms, equipped with bed/bucket/blanket. People do not have individual possessions, and thus do not have a definite room to stay in. It is first come, first serve.

However, many of the rooms tend to be nicer than others (and thus fill up faster). Sometimes this is because of the location (not on the top floor!), and sometimes it is because of extra furnishings.

Anything personal someone might have is kept on his person. Certain things are public use, no matter what. It is possible to buy home decorations for the rooms, but there is no guarantee that putting a vase or a flower in a room will make it yours. (Some people keep dibs on rooms by buying excessively hideous furnishings.)


How to Earn It

Vocations are arranged into schools, beginning with low-ability jobs. The amount of 'money' earned depends on the number of tasks each job requires. For instance, if one is a street cleaner, he would be rewarded money for sweeping and picking up garbage (2 tasks). If one was an administrator, he would be paid for legislative decisions, the assignment of jobs, etc. etc. - many more tasks are included in that job.

What it Is/What to Use it For
As stated before, each task gains a person a chip. It costs chips for most anything a person might need - a vase, a meal, or a sword. The amount of chips an item costs depends on the amount of chips the person who made it is being paid (eg. the amount of individual tasks it took to make).

This was inspired by a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. You ordered your food, and the ladies behind the counter would assign you a chip - one you would keep, and one they would put onto a large board, which determined the type of food you ordered. :3
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