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Email for sledmoose (1 August)

Okay, plan.

I honestly do not think we have the long vision, the time, or the skill to write
a novel that we can be truly proud of. But I am much enamored of what we have of
Toxicum at the moment. I think we should take our time, flesh out the world...
(because I think it would be quite fun just to create a world. It's like making
a Sims house, only a thousand times more complex!).

We can write bits and pieces of explanations of character, figure out where each
one came from, who they are. And if their personalities change between stories,
or some facts change because we thought of something better, we don't have to go
back and fix them, like we would have if we had been writing chapters of one story.

If it ends up that some of the scenes we write now slink their way into the
actual Toxicum novel, then all the better! This is like writing fic and
role-playing and making fun little 'appendix material' for a book that hasn't
even been written yet. XD

I know you probably don't actually want to write anything (since I suppose it's
like me and playing piano. It wasn't all that bad, but I wasn't completely
passionate about it), but if you have an idea, or a scene you'd really like to
see written, I can write them, and you can tell me what you hadn't had in mind
and thought didn't work so well, etc. Because with just me writing, I'm afraid
that I'd get carried away and start doing all kinds of stuff and you'd just be
all like O_O;;

And of course, I don't want that. So part of the agreement is that you'd PROMISE
to be 100% honest and tell me what you want changed, or what you think would be
cooler/better. 'Kay? To be perfectly honest, one of my biggest fears with this
project is that I will get to into it and get all psychotic and start doing
things that you think it boring, or whatever. Because I have a tendency to
manhandle projects.

I want this to be a project for us. Not a project for me, that you happen to
enjoy and assist with. It has to be OURS.

Your thoughts/ideas?


P.S. While I was at my grandparent's house (the huge one with the lake in the
front yard T_T;;), I was struck with sudden inspiration for D-vil (which still
doesn't have a real name). I'll tell you about it on Friday, since this e-mail
is long-winded enough as it is!
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